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Tree Trimming


Tree trimming is something that we highly encourage. It can make your yard and house look amazing. When done correctly it can keep your tree(s) looking healthy and beautiful. It increases sunlight exposure to the ground, thus helping grass to grow better​.  It will also help the stability of the tree when strong winds and storms come through.

Shults tree service Tree Thinning


When trimming trees you should never remove more than 1/3 of the foliage.​ Thinning the tree can help reduce the vertical size of the tree and promote lateral growth. This also applies to removing dead and broken limbs.



Raising the tree consists of removing a few lower limbs and crossing branches. This can vastly improve the look of your property. Air is able to go through the tree without catching it and busting a limb out. or even worse, blowing it over!
Shults tree service raising limbs
Shults tree service trimming

Obstruction Pruning

Tree limbs can grow in and on your roof or other structures. If the wind blows, they can scratch your house. Many times they grow too close to a driveway or walk ways and therefore can create hazards.


Topping trees 20 years ago was the norm. Today it is considered unsightly, damaging, unhealthy, and just down right ugly. Customers sometimes want this done but we highly discourage this practice. It leads to many problems. If a customer insists, we can do it, however, we don't like to and we do our best to educate anyone on this matter.

Topping a tree is bad
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