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Where do you take the tree chips?


All of our tree waste is 100% recycled! We take our wood chips to a facility where they are turned into colored mulch. It is the same mulch you get from LOWES or Home Depot. Our wood is turned into firewood which is used to heat your homes.

Are you Insured?

YES! it is vital in our Industry to have full coverage insurance. Our insurance information is on the bottom of all our contracts and is available upon request. I urge anyone planning on having tree work done to check for insurance information.

Can I have the wood?

Yes. Only if you pick it up before we complete the job. We have had issues with "uncles" or "brothers friend" wanting the wood from a job, only to receive a phone call from a customer telling us they never came and picked up the wood. We only give the wood away if you get it before we complete the job.


Have you ever had any major accidents?

Gladly NO! other than minor scrapes and cuts. We have never had a major accident or injury. We pride ourselves in staying safe while we are working in the tree business.

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