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Tree Removal



Tree removal should always be a last resort. It would be much more beneficial to have the tree trimmed rather than removed. In many cases, if a tree has a disease, infestation, or has been severely damaged by storms, it can be extremely costly to treat it with special chemicals and cabling. Oftentimes most homeowners would rather have the tree removed and start over with something else they would like to plant. Listed below are the different ways that we can remove your trees.

Tight Spot tree

Backyard/Tight-spot removal


We specialize in taking trees out of your backyard. Some tree trimmers don't like to mess with these types of  situations because they are not easy.  It does not matter if it has wires grown through it, a fence all around it or next to your house.  We will take the tree(s) down safely and efficiently using many advanced rigging techniques.


Crane Removal


When we decide to use a crane to remove a tree, it is normally because the tree is structurally unsafe or dead and may not be safe for advanced rigging techniques. The use of a crane is ironically the safest way to remove a tree. Cranes revolutionized the tree industry and are still a primary way to have a tree removed.

Shults tree service crane removal
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